Of Award Shows and…

So on Friday night, while I was pasting things on the wall of my workplace, I received a call from Suffian at about 7pm. I picked up and his voice sounded urgent, “We’ve got two tickets to Pesta Perdana at 8pm and SMFS needs someone to cover!”

I was more than willing to accept. I had to go with someone, didn’t I? So I called Izzati knowing she’d be glad to attend events like this. And at 7.45pm, I disappeared into the darkness of the night to fetch Izzati from Tampines and we – or rather, the taxi driver – zoomed to Caldecott Hill, reaching there at 8.28pm. Ten seconds into going live, we were both seated.

I haven’t really been watching Suria lately, but I know about enough shows to keep me commenting on the nominees. One of the nominees I was rooting for was 1988.. Segaris Sinar, and of course the director, Sanif Olek. Mentari (Ray of Hope) impressed me enough to garner two awards for its first season nomination. Rahsia Perkahwinan (Secrets of Mariages) also had my support though some of the actors were getting on my nerves for some reason.

Speaking of nerves, why the hell was Aaron Aziz hosting the awards ceremony ALONE? Sure, he’s hot, good-looking, and appealing – but he lacks the experience and rapport with the audiences to carry off being the only host for the night. I cannot deny he had his fans up at the TV Theatre, probably sitting two or three rows of seats away from me, but it is the fact that he is still not confident of his own performance. Stumbling once or twice is probably a norm, but for an awards show host to fumble throughout the night is a big n0-no. The only time I enjoyed seeing Aaron Aziz on stage was when he was acting.

Why is that? Because Aaron Aziz is an ACTOR. This is his first time hosting a live television show and he must have been a nerve wreck. Come on, I stuttered when I first hosted a school concert. If I hadn’t had Wei Shiang hosting the CNY concert with me, I would have probably died. Aaron Aziz should have hosted with someone a bit more experienced than he is. He wouldn’t have been so nervous knowing that he’s with someone the audiences love.

Another thing I love about award shows is the glamour. However, recently, artists are becoming more and more daring – for the Malay community, that is. Then again, perhaps it’s because of the trend nowadays where they have the so-what-I’m-Malay-I-wanna-be-sexy attitude, no offence to my readers. I just cannot fathom why some ‘old’ artists are dressed the way Meryl Streep dresses knowing that is not the local culture.  This isn’t the Oscars, sweetie, it’s the Pesta Perdana. I’m pretty sure if you’re that old and wearing a plunging neckline in Hollywood, you’d be welcome with open arms. I am a strong believer of wearing things that cater to your age.

Apart from that, I must comment that I loved Rima Melati’s gorgeous red dress (she did look a lot like Nicole Kidman!), and Wahyu Rahman’s fairytale blue dress. Too bad I don’t have pictures because somehow, none of the photographers uploaded their pictures – even Google didn’t show any image results to Pesta Perdana 10. Maybe that can be looked into next year.

Oh yes, to those who created the award titles, there is no such word as ‘DESAIN’. The correct word is ‘REKAAN’. We don’t call Ashley Isham DESAINER FESYEN – we call him a PEREKA FESYEN.

Anyways, I realised if my aspirations are materialised following my results this Friday, I am a step closer to being at Caldecott Hill. I really want to change things there for the betterment of the society, especially the Malay society. I have no qualms about the Chinese and Indian society but I would certainly want to see more intergration between the five channels at Mediacorp TV.

Five more days to reality, people.