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SMFS: 48 Hour Film Project

Over the May Day weekend two weeks ago, the Singapore Malay Film Society (SMFS) took part in the second 48 Hour Film Project held in our sunny island Singapore. We sent in two teams, Al-Bajet led by Suffian and MatD led by Isnor. Prior to the competition, we had a hard time splitting the already scarce manpower into two teams, but we had to. So here I am, blogging to you about my experience being part of Al-Bajet.


1900 hours

Tisch Asia School of the Arts – Kick Off Event


Shahril was kind enough to drive Suffian, Linda and myself to Tisch, which to my surprise, located at some isolated part of Singapore. Looking back, Tisch is far more inaccessible than NTU. I wonder why the organisers decided to make Tisch their headquarters. So upon reaching Tisch, we registered, paid the registration fee and waited anxiously for the organisers to release the competition details. Each team was required to draw the genre for their short film, and all teams are to use the given character, prop and line of dialogue in the most creative manner possible.

The team insisted I picked the genre though Linda is the one with the magic fingers. I picked a piece of paper from Mike’s (the organiser) cap and read the genre written. You can imagine how surprised I was when it read ‘Detective/Cop’. I was expecting a simpler genre like drama or comedy.


So basically, we were given the following details to craft our short film:

Genre: Detective/Cop

Prop: Scissors

Character: Amy/Andy Yeo, Journalist

Line of Dialogue: Is it supposed to look like that?

Then came the journey to look for an inspiration…

3180_1075594326362_1121315568_30206494_903482_nThese, my friends, are the faces of thinkers like Leonardo Da Vinci.

2100 hours

Golden Landmark Hotel and Shopping Centre, ModKebaya

We proceeded to Rezza’s dad’s office to discuss our film at Golden Landmark Hotel. It was getting late and we were sort of stuck when it came to finding an inspiration. Then out of the blue, Linda said that till today, life’s greatest mystery has yet to be solved…

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

We are all familiar with this nursery rhyme, especially those who grew up with Barney. And thus, we decided to let our story evolve around cookies. More on that later.

3180_1075594686371_1121315568_30206502_4069321_nDiscussing the plot and story.


0130 hours

The Comfort of My Bedroom

Upon reaching home, I did the script. After a can of Redbull and a cup of Vietnamese coffee, I finished the script at 4.30 am.  I went to bed just when my mum woke up for Subuh. Nice.

0900 hours

My House

The cast and crew dropped by my lovely home for rehearsal as well as to survey the location for filming later at night. We met some new faces; Dayang, Kelly, Ilyas and Jas who made up our cast. Shaffira made a cameo appearance in our film as well.

After a few rehearsals and a brief briefing by our Director, Suffian, we headed to a multi storey carpark to shoot our first scene.

3180_1075595726397_1121315568_30206528_5369756_nRehearsing at my house.

3180_1075612886826_1121315568_30206583_892198_nFeeling-feeling make up artist!

1200 hours

Tampines Street 72 Carpark

So we shot the first scene, and I must say this is the first time I was working with other people for a film. My previous projects have been pretty much individual ones so working with others was quite an experience. Rezza and Suffian may not have the same style as myself, but when we combine ideas, it works perfectly.

3180_1075614166858_1121315568_30206614_7167459_nRezza playing around with the angles that work best.

3180_1075613406839_1121315568_30206596_5558555_nDIY dolly track courtesy of Suffian’s brother in law!

3180_1075631727297_1121315568_30206668_4623945_nDayang’s piercing scream!

3180_1075632327312_1121315568_30206682_826095_nIgnore the minah sitting like an apek, the focus is on the sound man!

3180_1075613566843_1121315568_30206600_3171897_nLinda and I having fun with the dolly track. Heh.

1700 hours

Badoque Restaurant, Simpang Bedok

We spent a tad too much time at the carpark, but we still managed to shoot at the coolest hang out place ever, Badoque! It was not packed and the staff were really helpful and friendly. They made sure we had everything we need so that shooting would on smoothly.

3180_1075644487616_1121315568_30206758_596252_nBird’s eye view of how the place was set up.

3180_1075644527617_1121315568_30206759_1007953_nRezza doing his thing – being the Director of Photography!

3180_1075644607619_1121315568_30206761_5598159_nRehearsing before the first take.

3180_1075644847625_1121315568_30206767_8086768_nSuffian as director!

2130 hours

Back at my place

Finally, we went back to my place, or HQ, for the final scene – probably the scariest and most suspenseful scene ever. We had fun shooting till 3am on Sunday morning, as well as the rain that made my house sound haunted according to Linda. Oh and the dolly track came for a visit as well!

3180_1075653087831_1121315568_30206787_8011002_nThis is what happens when your talents have too much talent and too little sleep – Ponyo Ponyo dance.

3180_1075653127832_1121315568_30206788_4111177_nDOLLY DOLLY DOLLY!!!! I’m in love with that track!

3180_1075653407839_1121315568_30206794_3635492_nFULL FORCE! From left – Me, Keynah, Kelly, Linda, Lina, Shaffira, Rezza, Ilyas, Jas and Suffian!


2033 hours

Tisch Asia School of the Arts

Yups, we submitted the film 3 minutes late. But fret not, there’s always a silver lining somewhere. Hence, I present to you, the trailer of ALIAS | ILYAS.


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