I’ve always been fascinated with dreams – both the kinds you get when you’re sleeping, and those you aspire of in the future. Back in 2009, I wrote about a dream I had. I still make it a point to remember the dreams I have just because I have nothing better to do find it intriguing to understand what my subconscious mind is actually thinking about.  

So two days ago, my girlfriend texted me saying she dreamt about me and someone (this someone is of course from my recent past). In her words:

We were on a cruise and the ship broke down. While we were both trying to fix the problem, he came along and offered to help so I excused myself and let you guys do the fixing. 

I was about to get angry at her but then I realised it was just a dream:

So the dream is metaphorically telling me to fix the relationSHIP?

We burst out laughing in the end. I found it amusing that she dreamt it, not me. But I have to bite my own tongue because last night I did have a continuation of that bizarre fixing-the-ship dream. Let’s not get into details, shall we?

For now, I am happy being on my own, living my life as and how I want to (well, unless my my mother disapproves). And yes, crepes make me happy.  





Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. 

– Gloria Steinem


A Little Update

Life has been hectic, especially when I’m juggling three jobs at once, for no apparent reason. While the students are having their holidays, I go to work settling admin stuff and pretty much prepare myself for a new semester with them next year. On top of that, I’m finishing my last round tuition before I start on a new batch of students. And of course, since its the holidays, it also means wedding season! Not that I have many assignments but last Sunday marks the first wedding assignment I’m tasked to do… alone!

I am finally free from my reigns of being a trainee under my beloved sister from another set of parents, Mai SB. I hope I do her proud. It was tough doing it alone, but nonetheless a good experience. Not to mention that the bride and groom are extremely beautiful and wonderful to work with. Sure, there were a few hiccups and challenges, but it’s all part of the job! 


I am looking forward to the next wedding next weekend, albeit I’ll be doing videography instead of photography. Mai’s doing the photography. And of course I’m looking forward to it cause it’s one of my Fityan friend’s wedding! 

In times like these, I really thank God for everything He has showered me with. I may have had someone taken away from me, but I’m blessed with many other people and things that I don’t need to worry about my fate. I just need to have a little faith 😉