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Color Run, Planning for Europe and Life

It’s been an emotional Syawal for me last week, but then again, since when hasn’t it been emotional, right? Now that I started a semi full-time job and earning my own income, family and friends, as usual, as me what’s next.


We both have an obsession for unicorns.


Supposed What-Are-You-Looking-At look


At the start line

I never had a proper answer for them. My answer depends on who is asking the question, or whoever is interested to listen. It gets awkward when relatives who are of the same age as I am tell me they are engaged, or planning their wedding when here I am running marathons, running around like a maniac and making travel plans alone.


I can never take a proper photo.


Artifact #1: Crazy tudong girl attempts to dance through the powders (my point exactly about my priorities in life)



As I enter my mid-twenties (oh gosh how weird does that sound!!), I can’t help but reflect on what’s in store for me in the future. I’ve been reading many articles online about how people in their twenties aren’t exactly sure of what they’d like to do for a living and other quarter-life crisis articles. I’m not even 24 but I feel so much pressure to do well in whatever I do!




And the aftermath

Truth is, I don’t even feel pressurized by my family. Be it my extended family or my siblings, we each know we have to create our own paths to success. However, the fact that I did study in a local tertiary institution and having many friends graduating with better results has made me so hard on myself. I set high expectations so that I won’t ever be called mediocre. And this flaw of mine has bitten myself in the butt more often than not.

My plans for a delayed solo graduation trip is set in stone. Tickets bought. No turning back. I need to get my s*** together.


A Foodie’s Journey


This is supposed to be a food blog. This is supposed to be where I share with the internet what baking frenzy I’ve been up to. This is supposed to be where I try recipes from around the world and share it with you guys.

I miss baking, and I miss taking photos of my bakes. Time as a working adult is very precious, especially now that I prioritize gym over baking. I still cook, but mostly to satisfy a hungry stomach.

So here I am, looking back at my old photos realizing that I’ve come a long way in terms of baking and photography. I’ve always wanted to have a blog like Kak Rima or Pick Yin where each page is adorned with beautiful photos of food and awesome recipes. I need to remind myself it doesn’t happen over time. Good things come to those who wait and put in effort. So that is what I shall do.

I’ve pretty much mastered the art of baking cakes and cupcakes. Cakes are easy, really. I still don’t have the guts to make pastries and puddings or hotel-like desserts. Macarons? Don’t even think about it. I’ve tried making them twice and failed miserably. Cookies and Eid treats? Umm.. I don’t have the patience to make them.

As much as there’s still a lot for me to learn, I’m glad I am now able to make a decent frosting which won’t kill me or my friends and family, whip up a simple chantilly cream for basic cakes, made my mum her favorite Black Forest Gateau, make myself my favorite durian cake, and take orders for the ever popular Red Velvet Cupcakes and Salted Caramel Cupcakes.

I think I’m about done with RVCs and Salted Caramel. There needs to be a change in the trend for cupcakes. I need to experiment more. I need to throw myself into the deep end of baking and cooking. What is next, then?

I don’t know when I’ll complete this list, or even find the time to make a few of them, but I am determined to get them done.

  1. Macarons
  2. Eclairs
  3. Tiramisu
  4. Fruit tarts
  5. Nutella Swiss Roll (Izzati you owe me a lesson on this!)
  6. Kek Lapis (it’s about time)
  7. Creme Brulee
  8. Ravioli (I cannot keep going to Badoque for a plate of $17 raviolis)
  9. Fresh pasta (someone get me a pasta machine please)
  10. Rendang (yes, ibu, I think I’m ready for this)

Ten items, Sham. That’s all. Now where do I begin…