30 things before 30:

  1. Go for Umrah with Ibu
  2. Get married and bloody settle down
  3. Get the PADI diving license
  4. Get a car license (one thing I will keeping procrastinating)
  5. Climb Mount Kinabalu
  6. See the Berlin Wall
  7. Visit Palestine
  8. Climb Mount Rinjani
  9. Short film numero tres
  10. Travel alone
  11. Attend a Muay Thai training workshop in Thailand
  12. Learn how to make macarons (I don’t have the patience for this ugh)
  13. Enter an international photography competition
  14. Study film at NYU (either this or get married – I can’t decide)
  15. Be a certified Muay Thai trainer (just for the fun of it)
  16. Spend a weekend in Krabi with Ibu
  17. Visit the Swiss Alps
  18. Get a baking certification
  19. (I’ll add more when I have crazy ideas on what I think I need to do…)

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